Who? : The Wettingfeld’s

What? : The Best DIY Wedding of the Year!

Where? : Mckinney, Texas

When? : October 2017


“The 14” is one of my favorite things to do. I skim through hundreds of (sometimes a thousand plus) wedding photos and pick 14 to edit. The 14 normally happens 2 weeks after I’ve shot a wedding.  This one was pretty tough. As I looked through 900+ photos from the Wettingfeld’s DIY wedding, I just wanted to show you guys everything. I kept saying “Oh this is a great moment” or “They would love this one.” But, if I did that it wouldn’t really be “The 14” now would it?

I enjoyed shooting this wedding so much and there is so much more to show you guys. If I were you, I’d check back soon when I post the rest of their photos :).