Amshi & EJ: Dallas Engagement Photos

Who? : Amshi and EJ

What? :  Top Notch Engagement Photos

Where? : Downtown Dallas Texas

When? : November 2017



So I’ll be a little selfish and start this blog post off by talking about myself. I am a retired college athlete. I was forced into retirement against my will due to eligibility, lol. I’m 6 foot 196 lbs,  by no means am I short (in my head I’m 6’3).  Why am I telling you this? Well, this was the first engagement session where I was forced to stand on my tippy toes to make hair and wardrobe adjustments. Amshi and Ej are both retired college athletes as well. They met in high school and received scholarships to play at the next level in their respective sports but at different schools. Sounds sad right? Nope! EJ said bump this, I’m transferring. After he transferred well, you know the rest because clearly here are their engagement photos :).


Here are some of my favorite shots from our 2-hour session in downtown Dallas.



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