African American Wedding Photographer

The Wedding Photographer

Phive-14 is an African American wedding photographer who specializes in capturing all of your intimate moments.  As an African American wedding photographer, I’ve been able to experiences tons of traditions. They range throughout many different wedding cultures.  Learning how to capture each moment has been my favorite photography lesson. Whether it is the “Something Old / Something New” moments pre-wedding or jumping the broom, I’m there for you.

I live in Dallas, Tx but I photograph weddings all over the world. I’ve been to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas for destination weddings. I’ve also celebrated black love in Flordia, NC, GA and many other places.

With the recent uprise in our community with buying black and supporting African American business, I take pride in my work.  I don’t want you to pick me because I’m an African American wedding photographer. I want to the right fit for you.

So Congratulation, on your recent engagement. Love is such a beautiful thing and above all, it is true. Planning a wedding is just like your love story in many ways. Namely, because it will be full of extraordinary moments and detail. Looking for the correct wedding photographer is demanding but, the process is imperative. Your venue may close, wedding dresses go of style, and wedding cakes aren’t good unless you eat them. Your wedding photographs should last forever.  I would love to be the wedding photographer that captures your wedding no matter where in the world it may be.

The Community Support

I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and also a graduate of the nation’s largest Historically Black College, North Carolina A&T. These two aspects of my life have helped me understand the importance of community.  There is a great quote in the movie Hidden Figures  that states “We all get to the peak together or we don’t get there at all.” I understand that without my community I am nothing. So I would like to thank all the social media outlets for supporting me. They range are as followed: Black Bride and their After the Aisle Instagram account for featuring my photography, Wedding Digest Naija, EssenceMagazine, as well as Pre Wedding Naija for their social media support.

Thank you all for supporting African American Love. Also, for supporting all of African American wedding photographers that capture it.

Let’s Celebrate My Recent Couples