The 14: Erica and Cliff

Who? : Erica & Cliff

What? : A Barn Yard Wedding Under the Stars

Where? :  Stone Oak Ranch Murchison, Tx

When? : October 2017

Erica and Cliff are by far one of my most laid back couples. Erica came to me with one request, “I want a shot of my dress from the balcony.” I thought to myself  “that should be pretty simple.” I traveled an hour and a half to the wedding venue to find out that it wasn’t at all simple. I had to tie two clothes hanger together, tape them, and then find a way to finesse the shot so you could not see my ugly invention.  Long story short, the wedding cake was amazing (yes I know cake had nothing to do with the dress but it was amazing).  Here’s The 14 from Erica and Cliff’s Wedding day.


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