The 14: On Cloud Williams

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Who? : The Williams

What? : On Cloud Williams

Where? : High Point, North Carolina

When? : October 2017

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Kelsy, the bride, and I are old friends. I believe we’ve known each other since middle school. I won’t tell you when we were in middle school but just know it was at some point in time. Last year Kelsy & Cortez reached out to me to ask if I’d take their engagement photos. I jump on a plane and headed to North Carolina to knock them out. Later on, they reached back out to book me as their wedding photographer. I was pretty excited.

A few weeks ago I jumped back on a plane at 5 am and made my way to High Point, NC. I met up with Kelsy and Cortez and the rest is history. When I saw Kelsy’s dress my mind was blown. I knew it would be a great sign of things to come.

“The 14” is one of my favorite things to do. I skim through hundreds of (sometimes a thousand plus) wedding photos and pick 14 to edit. The 14 normally happens 2 weeks after I’ve shot a wedding.

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