Texas & Georgia Wedding Photographer

My name is Shaun Graham, and I’m a Texas and Georgia based wedding photographer. My clients like to describe my niche as fearless, creative,fun, and timeless. My number one goal is to document your style with as much as possible. I pride my self on great customer service. Anything under a five star experience is considered a failure to me. I love natural light and unscripted moments. I believe they tell the best stories. On my journey to become one of Texas top wedding photographer I’ve had the pleasure of working with a ton of amazing people. The one thing I’ve learned is no two weddings are alike. That’s what keeps me coming back to this rewarding job. I love meeting my clients family and friend. I’ve found that the most organic moments come while on the reception dance floor or behind the scene getting ready for the ceremony.

Places I’ve Photographed Weddings.

While my home base is Dallas, Texas I am not limited to just this area.